That is how much you can save by relocating your warehouse.

That is how much you can save by relocating your warehouse.

Is your company targeting the European market? Then you can reduce your expenses, delivery time and climate impact by relocating your warehouse to Central Europe. “E-commerce customers are becoming increasingly picky, so this is a real win-win,” says Jonas Heinonen, CEO of Swedish logistics company Boomerang.

For fifteen years, Boomerang, whose head office is located in Estonia, has been distributing goods from several fast-growing Nordic e-commerce companies throughout Europe.

As the demand grew stronger, Boomerang made the decision to build a new warehouse in the Czech city of Pilsen, which could mean huge savings for those who want to develop a large European customer base.

From the warehouse in Pilsen, Boomerang offers:

  • Geographic proximity to more than 300 million consumers
  • Reduced environmental impact from transport
  • Shorter lead times – 1-2 days from order to delivery
  • Lower distribution costs
  • Faster and easier handling of returns

According to Jonas Heinonen, the biggest advantage for e-retailers lies in the savings that shorter transports entail.

“Of course, storing, picking and packing an online order also costs money, but 70% of the total cost is in the distribution. There, our customers can save quite a lot because our warehouse is in the right location, geographically speaking,” he says.

By outsourcing the entire physical handling of goods to Boomerang, e-commerce companies can live up to customers’ increasingly high demands for fast order processing, and have time to focus on their core business.

“Germany and its neighbours are the major growth markets in Europe. To succeed down there, everything has to work well and be competitive, from logistics to return policies. Then our offer will be a real win-win for all parties,” says Jonas Heinonen.Would you like help from Boomerang? Send an e-mail to Jonas for a quote or queries here!