Boomerang Logistic Group OÜ´s
and its subsidiaries


CSR Policy statements 2023

At Boomerang group, taking responsibility for our actions and business is vitally important for us. Our aim is to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way, which benefits our employees, our clients, our environment and our companies.

Business Ethics

Boomerang companies comply with all applicable laws regarding human rights, environment, taxation, corruption and applies internationally recognized principles when local laws and regulations set lower standards.

Our Environment

Boomerang companies efficiently minimize its carbon emissions footprint with:

  • Green energy usage, see statements on the use of green energy & cancellation statements of used energy as reference.
  • CO2 emissions compensation, from its business operations and ferry cargo Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn & Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn routes. See cancellation certificate issued by UN, Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Carbon Neutral, parcel shipment alternative offerings for international cross border segment.
  • Waste sorting to ensure optimum level of recycyling from operations.
  • Minimize the usage of paper and other consumables both in Office and Operations

Business Partner Selections

Boomerang companies expects its partners to respect human rights, take a precautionary approach to the environment and to refrain from corruption, also to take measures for promoting responsible practices throughout their respective operational areas.

Healthy Workplace Environment

Boomerang companies care of its workforce by trying to reduce work related accidents to zero in all company’s operating areas and always strive to improve operational processes for reducing health concerns in relation to our employees.

Data Security and Privacy

Protecting the privacy of our clients and their customers, our partners and employees is critical for us in order to maintain their trust. Boomerang companies fully understand how risks related to information, security and privacy affect our business operations. We take precautions to safeguard sensitive information in our entire organization and among all of our employees.