How omnichannel order fulfilment works

eCommerce order fulfilment and logistics can be complicated, but 3PL makes it simple. Each solution that we design is as unique as your business and tailored to put a smile on your face and your customers too.

1. You create, market and
sell an incredible product

2. Send your products directly
to 3PL or from your supplier

3. Integrate all of your sales
channels by syncing with 3PL Boomerang

4. We receive your products
and perform a quality control review

5. Your orders begin to send to 3PL

6. You order fulfilment begins - picked, packed
and tailored to your guidelines or
with custom packaging

7. We get the best shipping rates
from the world's best carriers

8. An email and tracking number
are sent directly to your customer.

9. Customer receives your product
and falls in love with your brand

10. Manage returns and exchanges
directly from 3PL Boomerang

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