Pressrelease: Succesful new market entries through logistics outsourcing.

Pressrelease: Succesful new market entries through logistics outsourcing.

The Swedish art wallpaper company Postery has enjoyed significant growth in Central Europe for the last couple of years.

Postery decided to outsource the logistics to Boomerangs 3PL center in Pilsen, Czech Republic in order to streamline the logistics process at an optimum geographical location that would allow more time & focus on their own core business activities.

”Boomerang understands our specific requirements and since our business is focusing on the Central European countries then Pilsen in Czech Republic is the perfect geographical location for the logistics”, states Postery CEO Sebastian Johansson.

Postery was founded 2018, the business concept from the start was to provide exciting and affordable art for a worldwide audience.

The path to success was outlined by setting up an own team of creators which has resulted into significant partnership with companies such as Smiley and H&M Home.

Postery has focused their product offering to a worldwide audience already from the start, main markets today are Germany, Great Britain, France and the United States. Future growth outlook is pretty much connected with Central European countries which was the main driver in the decision making to relocate as well as outsource warehousing operations from own warehouse in Sweden to an outsourcing model to 3PL closer to the main markets.

”We were operating our own warehouse in Sweden until the fall of 2023 however, the growth of the business has demanded approach in terms of the logistics and it was clear that significant optimization was needed to stay competitive. We have been in contact with Boomerang since 2021 but we were not ready to outsource our logistics at that point in time. We however kept a close dialogue with Boomerang and monitored business developments until the timing was right. Boomerang is currently operating all aspects of our logistics operations from Pilsen in Czech Republic” states Postery CEO Sebastian Johansson.

There are several benefits with Boomerangs business offering Sebastian elaborates:

  • Reduced order fulfilment lead times, reduced transport costs as well as environmental impact in comparison with shipping from Sweden
  • Postery has gained much more resources to focus more on core business activities that historically have been dealing with logistics related matters.
  • Boomerangs solutions are scalable, this provides Postery with a growth platform for the future where logistics does not impose limitations.

The warehouse relocation/move was very efficient and professionally conducted thanks to Boomerangs extensive knowledge and experience. Boomerangs IT systems are well prepared to support business requirements up to several million transactions annually and provided an overall efficient onboarding experience without hickups.

“Czech Republic is the perfect location for our warehouse, geographically close to the Central European countries combined with good logistics infrastructure and skilled labour. Boomerang as a service provider understands eCommerce as well as Posterys seasonal variations where flexibility is a key.

Sebastian Johansson and Postery are now looking ahead to penetrate new markets by introducing an improved product offering and marketing. Logistics is nowadays not a key point at the agenda.

“Thanks to our partners Boomerang we could already today effectively double are sales without having logistics to become a bottleneck in the process” Sebastian Johansson concludes.

Fact Sheet: Boomerangs general offering benefits from the warehouse in Pilsen, Czech Republic

  • Geographical closeness for more than 300 million consumers
  • Reduced environmental impact from transports
  • Shortened leadtimes to consumers
  • Lower costs for last mile transportation
  • Shortened lead time and reduced costs for returns 

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