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20+ years of experience in e-commerce logistics has developed a one-stop solution that will cover all of your needs! From the moment you have your product ready to sell to the moment your customers receive it. Warehousing, packing, shipping and returns management: you name it!

European & global
order management

European & global order management

Regional presence

Boomerangs fulfillment centers are located in north east and central Europe, meaning the time and cost to ship your orders and related returns to and from your customers in Europe are drastically reduced. Boomerangs fulfillment service network in combination offered shipping rate discounts and agreed service level guarantees, saves you money while increasing your customer satisfaction.


We protect and Manage Your goods

Our web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you necessary visibility into the movement of your inventory, all updated in real time and accessible 24/7. We have the ability to track lot code, expiry date and serial numbers. This provides you not only with the ability to know where your product has been sent, but allows expiry notification quickly and accurately.


Visibility into your business

Our dashboard portal allows 24/7 real-time information, allowing our clients to make informed business decisions. From inventory levels and orders processed to tracking numbers, you get full visibility to the metrics that matter in ensuring best-in-class consumer experience.

Fulfillment management

Getting it right, every time

Fast and accurate order fulfilment services are crucial to your brand’s success. Every mis-pack or mis-shipment is money out of your pocket in the short-term, and results in a disappointing consumer experience. We navigate and validate your orders and deliveries through various SaaS applications, ensuring your shipments comply with all necessary routing requirements between different transportation options, so you never miss a deadline or a consumer commitment.

Transportation &
Delivery management

On time and on budget

Save time and money

Boomerang partners with all major carriers to provide a variety of B2C and B2B transporter alternatives. We work with our clients to understand the needs of their customers in any given situation. Depending on the type of delivery, environmental impact or speed may be the top priority, or the focus could be on shipping costs. For some, the ability to track is most important. Our main priority is getting your packages delivered to the end destination, on time and in perfect condition – every time!

Real-time tracking info

24/7 Updated Visibility

We are integrated with all major carriers, allowing us to provide up-to-date tracking information and accurate delivery estimates.

Leveraging local market couriers

Meet Consumer Expectations

We leverage a network of international and local couriers both for first and last mile. This flexibility allows our clients to offer competitive variety of delivery options to the main destination countries.

Regional fulfillment
& distribution

Regional fulfillment
& distribution

We Look at Order Fulfillment Differently

We understand the nuances and unique requirements of the eCommerce sector such as fast reactivity, peak-season management and best practices across different areas in order to deliver cost-saving value and a strong competitive advantage for your business.

Order, pick, pack
& ship

Customized Solutions for Your Business

A reliable order fulfillment service should be the quiet, yet crucial, catalyst to the success of your business. We partner with you, design a custom solution, and execute the order fulfillment process for your business.

Direct to

Putting Your Product into Your Consumers’ Hands

Boomerangs strategically chosen geographical fulfilment center location allows our clients to quickly, cost-efficiently and seamlessly expand their consumer reach across the the entire European continent.

Direct to retail/ wholesale (B2B)

Supply Chain Accuracy and Reliability

We can ship your products to a variety of commercial destinations: direct to stores, distribution centres, boutique stores or directly to end consumers. We also offer the ability to connect directly with retailers so you can work more efficiently.


Make Returns a Positive Experience

Handling returned products, or reverse logistics is a core aspect of our services. When consumers return goods or products, they are transported to our warehouses where they are unpacked and carefully inspected to determine next steps. Boomerang can also offer recovery services for fashion garments such as spot cleaning in order to reduce non sellable return items.

& kitting

Bespoke Solutions that Make Your Brand Stand Out

We provide cost-effective B2B fulfillment services that streamline the printing, assembly/kitting, sampling, warehousing and shipping of your materials, ensuring that each project is executed precisely and on time.

Extend Your Brand Experience.

We provide unique services including specialized kitting and co-packaging solutions, helping you effectively tailor your products for diverse marketplaces—from retail to eCommerce campaigns.

Fashion Return Handling

Fashion Return Handling

We are the experts in the fashion return handling segment

We are the biggest Return Handling operator in the Nordics when it comes to fashion e-commerce. We handle more than 10 million returns per year. We offer the full cycle of support while handling returns: product quality control, packing, labelling, sorting, defect recovery, registration and much more.

Customer care

Customer care

Exceptional Customer Care that Reflects Your Brand’s Promise

Whether your customers need product information, want to track an order or want to initiate a return, our team has you covered. We not only provide fast, friendly answers to the ever-recurring “Where is my order?” question, but we nurture the customer relationship through our dedicated Key-Account Managers.



Our aim is to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way, which benefits our employees, our clients and our environment. All Boomerang subsidiaries efficiently and responsibly minimize the carbon emissions footprint. We are constantly taking the steps to become a carbon neutral company.